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PUBG is the pioneer game in the battle royale genre, and it needed a website to show its presence and style, considering the opinion of the community that makes it special.

PUBG was the first game of its kind, leading the genre of battle royale. And so as the company expanded throughout the world, they needed a website that represented the unique vibe and story behind the action.

To get to the best result possible, we started the project applying our Discovery process. Our main goal here was to understand how to best convey an user experience that pleased different culture gamers. To do that, we had to understand their relation to this game and others as well.

We started the research really understanding the context. We applied a workshop with the client to comprehend what were the facts, hypothesis and questions they had about the website as a result. We also did a benchmark research, to understand what were the do's and don'ts for battle royale games websites. We evaluated competitors and references.

As we started to learn about the gaming universe, we mapped out the criteria for data collection. Going from numbers and metrics in Google Analytics and Hotjar, to more qualitative and behavioral insights from interviews, surveys and netnography (an immersive research on online communities and their social interactions).

Here, we learned a LOT. We talked to gamers from different countries in Europe and South America. We got survey answers from all across the world, but mainly from Asian countries. We got to understand the dynamics of interaction on Twitter, Twitch lives, Discord channels and Telegram Groups. I gotta say thanks to Google Translate for translating so much data for us.

From all of that, we mapped 84 itens regarding: User profile, What the user likes, What the user doesn't like, What info they seek, Perception of the site, Relation to e-sports, Main references. We condensed that info into 5 requirements for the UX/UI design professionals, they were used as a guide and inspiration for the next step.

Here's a little bit of how the research data was applied, and the website turned out super awesome :)

What I've learned

This project was a big challenge for me. It was my first international research, so I got out of my comfort zone a lot. All the effort and presentation anxiety paid off though. At the same that I was insecure about my english at the time, I was so proud of the high quality research we delivered, and of course, seeing the final result later on was really fulfilling too.

I learned that if I have the tools and freedom to apply my knowledge, I will do a good job, despite eventual hurdles on the way.

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